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V. C. Mishra, Questioned Document and Handwriting & Finger Print Expert (Forensic Expert, India)


Hon’ble Additional District Judge Delhi, Sh. Gurdeep Kumar in his Judgment (M/S Hindustan Roller Supply Co_ Vs_ Sh. Surendra Pratap Singh)

Says : “ I also agree with P.W. V.C. Misra that the defendant while writing has tried to disguise his specimen signature “____” the report given by P.W. V.C. Misra is found to be based on proper and scientific approach. ”

Hon’ble Additional District Judge Delhi, Sh. A.K. Garg in his Judgment (Sh. Talukdar Singh vs. Sh.Gulab Singh)

Says : “ Sh. Misra proved his report Ex DW3/1 and expressed the opinion that the disputed signature Q-1 to Q-6 had been forged by means of tracing the signature from the original model signatures available of the ________ signatory. I have carefully studied the report of the handwriting expert and in my opinion the conclusion of DW3 Sh. V.C. Misra is more sound and supported by cogent reasons as for as the signatures Q-1 to Q6 are concerned. Sh. Misra prepared the transparency Ex DW-3/2 of the signatures Q-5 and he has rightly stated when this transparency is placed over the other signatures, it exactly fit on the same. Sh. Misra is also right when he says that indentation marks were noticed under the questioned signature. ”

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