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Handwriting Expert With 32 Years of Experience |Dr. V C Mishra & Manas Mishra (Latest March, 2020)

Expert in Handwriting, Signatures, Fingerprints/Thumb impressions.

Forge Handwriting Analysis
Handwriting Expert Dr. VC Mishra Examining The Document

Our Forensic Document Examination laboratory provides Court qualified Expert opinions under the provision of Section 45 of Indian Evidence Act. In these services, opinions on handwriting, signatures, fingerprints/thumb impressions, etc are included. We strictly follow the scientific principles of handwriting/signature comparison as per the knowledge gained by World famous authorities Mr. A S Osborn, Mr W R Harrison, Mr. Roy A Huber, Mr A M Headrick and Mr Jess Dines, in their respective books such as Questioned Documents, Suspect Document, Handwriting Identification: Facts and Fundamentals and Document Examiner Textbook, and submit our opinions with photographic demonstrations.

Process and Analysis of Handwriting

For handwriting/signature opinions, we compare disputed and admitted/specimen handwriting/signatures in respect of Class and Individual characteristics. We investigate whether the handwriting is genuine or forged or disguised. If there are evidences of forgery, we further specify as to which kind of forgery is that.

Handwriting experts not only look for comparison of characteristics in respect of shapes and sizes of letters but they must have a strong perceptional sight to look for the hidden qualities of line quality, movement, speed and skill which are mostly shapeless. At this juncture, the long experience of experts plays a vital role not only in writing reports but also in appearing as Expert Witness in Courts. It is of utmost importance that an expert should be extremely cautious while going through a suspected document as any haste or complacency in making any observation could prove extremely hazardous in the interest of justice. We are not the advocates of a party/individual but we are the advocates of truth. We also cross-examine experts on all forensic subjects such as Handwriting, Fingerprints, Ballistics, Medico-Legal, Video Forensics, Audio Forensics, Photo Forensics, etc.

We also prepare technical arguments for the lawyers where there are reports of two handwriting experts involved.

Over the years of experience, we have observed that there are hundred types of disputed document problems. Each assignment of disputed document is different as the individualities are unique & differ from person to person according to his graphic maturity in respect of shape, size, initial, medial & terminal strokes, formations of shoulders, foot, spurs, ticks and manner of connecting strokes. Sometimes due to the pictorial differences in disputed & controlled (specimen) signatures, there could be a mistaken observation as if the disputed one is not written by the writer of controlled handwriting when in fact the disputed could be a disguised writing with deliberate planning before the writing was executed. There must be a clear demarcation line between a disguised writing & forged writings. At the same time, the Expert has to see the probable causes of differences/natural variation/variation due to disguise and variation due to long gap of time & different mind conditions. Unless these factors are not properly observed in a meaningful observation, a mistake is likely to occur.

Other Fraudulent Document Examination

Besides the above, we also investigate the following:

  • Any addition or alteration in a document

  • Any insertion/deletion of words, line or paragraphs in a document

  • Any physical/chemical erasure in a document

  • Any obliteration/manipulation in inks of figures, names, address, date of birth of person

  • Any fraudulent evidence in computer generated, photocopied or computer typed documents

  • Any fraudulent evidence in printed/holographic documents

  • Identification of fake seals, stamps, logos, trademarks, symbols and photographs

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